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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has changed our life within shortest time. In many countries, public life has been reduced or canceled (e.g. by means of business closures, bans of public gathering or quarantine) in order to reduce social contact and, with this, contain the pandemic. For many individuals, regular access to gyms, sports clubs or sports facilities is no longer possible.

We, an international group of scientists from several universities, aim to help all those being affected by the current situation. To promptly create new exercise programs, contents and methods, we conduct a brief survey assessing your physical activity levels well-being during the pandemic. Our survey will take less than 10 minutes.

The guidelines of good ethical research stipulate that participants in empirical studies explicitly and comprehensibly agree to participate.

Voluntary. Your participation in this investigation is voluntary. You are free to cancel your participation at any time in this study without incurring any disadvantages.

Anonymity. Your data is treated confidentially, will be stored encrypted and password-protected, only be evaluated anonymously and not be passed on to third parties. All collected data will only be used for scientific purposes. Demographic information such as age or gender does not allow a clear conclusion to be drawn with regard to yourself.

Questions. If you still have questions about this study, you can find the contact details of the principal investigator of this study in the bottom of each page (’Imprint ASAP’).

By participating in this survey (indicated by clicking the ‘Participate’-button), I confirm that I am older than 18 years and have read and understood the informed consent.

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